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Ms Project - Management Gannt

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Introduction        3

Part A - MS Project Steps and analysis        3

Creating File        3

Inputting Data        3

Resource Levelling        3

Cost Reports        4

Part B – Report        5

Problems        5

MS Project Tools and Solutions        5

Final Project Plan        5

Conclusion        6

Appendix A – Initial Gaant Chart        7

Appendix B – Network Diagram        8

Appendix C – Gaant With Summaries        9

Appendix D – Resource Histograms (Pre- Levelling)        10

Appendix E – Resource Histograms (Post-Levelling)        18

Appendix F – Final Gaant Chart        27

Appendix G – Cost Reports        28


MS Project is a tool engineers can use to track and plan projects which composed of multiple tasks and resources. It is a common computerised project management program. This program is the basis for this assignment to solve problems in a new proposed project.

Part A - MS Project Steps and analysis

Creating File

To start the project a new file was created labelled with the student name and number. The project start date was then set to be the 23/7/17, using the date and month of Sanjesh Kumar’s birthday. The project environment was then set to have a 40 hour week, and 5 working days per week, starting at 9am. This was achieved by clicking; File tab → Options → Schedule, defining the options required. Public holidays during the project were defined in the project calendar. This was achieved by clicking; Project tab → Change Working Time. [pic 1][pic 2][pic 3]

Inputting Data

Next, the project tasks, durations and dependencies were entered into MS Project from Table 1 of the assignment instruction sheet. This was followed by defining resources from Table 2 of the assignment instruction sheet in the ‘Resource Sheet’ in MS Project. The related resources were assigned to each task in the Gantt chart, the output being the Gantt chart seen in Appendix A and a Network Diagram, as seen in Appendix B.

Step 6 required students to create summary tasks for tasks. This was achieved by selecting the ‘Task’ button from the ribbon → highlighting the related tasks → Click ‘Summary’ button from ribbon. The outcome can be seen in Appendix C, having the tasks indented under the boldly formatted summary tasks and black summary task timelines in the graphic section.

Resource Levelling

Resource Histogram was required to be generated in section 7 for each resource as can be seen in Appendix D. A problem has occurred where the resources of Legal Staff, R&D and Marketing Staff were over allocated (see details in Section B). After using the levelling options (see more details in Section B), the final Gantt charts seen in Appendix E. Levelling had no effect on the overall cost of the project as the hours worked did not change but the duration was extended by 5 days as seen by figures 2 and 3 below. The Gaant Chart after levelling is shown as Appendix F.

[pic 4]

 [pic 5][pic 6][pic 7]

[pic 8]

Figure 2 – Before Levelling                                Figure 3 – After Levelling

Cost Reports

The cost reports are shown in Appendix G. These reports show that the most expensive task was equipment rehab while the cheapest was selecting fruit suppliers. The most expensive resource was production while the cheapest was designers.

Part B – Report


The original project plan outlined that there was over-allocation of resources. Legal Staff, R&D and Marketing Staff were over-allocated while the remaining resources were well allocated. This can be seen by comparing the histograms in Appendix D. MS Project made this easy to identify by the red sections on the resource graphs as well as a warning symbol on the initial gaant chart.


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