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Project Management

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I would use a strong organizational for this project because the project manager is primarily responsible for the project. Functional manager provide technical expertise and assign resources. We use the strong matrix if the project has a significant marketing department.

The Huntsville planet project was constructing to increase the profit of the company in the next fiscal year. That's why I think that the best organizational structure is the strong matrix, also in that matrix we can use contractors in it and that what we have in the Huntsville planet.

The compared between the strong and the other organization structure is:

In the strong matrix:

A reasonable to high power to PM, management of a part-time to nearly full-time project team full time role as Project Manager, PM has full administrative staff to help expedite the project.

The disadvantage is more complex to monitor and control sometimes more resources than are assembled for the project.

In the weak matrix:

The functional manager had the full authority in controlling for the project than the project manager and using experts in the project. When a project manager is assigned to oversee a group that is organized in this manner it can be a complicated task. The project manager has to facilitate all aspects of the project. They actively plan and assess the project's progress but don't really have any sway when it comes to the employees. The disadvantage is when the project manager has no actual authority on the project the only thing truly in his power in the case of a failing project is to report the negative results to a functional manager.

The balance matrix:

The project manager is assigned to oversee the project. Power is shared equally between the project manager and the functional manager..

The disadvantage is that both managers gives order and that would create conflict and problems in the work. This is the most difficult of the three, to maintain because sharing the power is delicate proposition. This matrix is almost never used for a project.

The pure project:

If we have a huge project, also if it is in the co-competency of the organization. a strong divisiveness occurs between the project team and the parent organization, Leader has full responsibility over the project. Functional units are stable, provide support to project teams.

The disadvantage is the Project team members have difficulty in going back to their functional units when the project is over.

In the functional organization:

Some advantages of a functional organization are that the lines of command are clear. Individuals specialize



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