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A Close Friend

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This situation occurs amongst us students time and time again. I, personally react differently to this situation, depending on whom I am dealing with. Let me set up a scenario for you.

Susie Q. is sitting in her desk waiting for class to start when her best friend Jane Doe walks into the classroom looking worried. Susie Q. takes notice and instantly comforts her dearest Jane asking what the problem is. Jane replies that she had forgotten to do her math assignment and she doesn't want to get a zero, so she asks her dear Susie if she could copy her answers before the teacher comes in. Susie Q. is not surprised by this temptation to help her friend out, but she does not fall under peer pressure. Susie simply tries to help her friend Jane by giving her pointers on how to do the problems, so she does not risk getting them both in trouble. If that tactic is unsuccessful, Susie could tell her best friend to simply ask the teacher to give her an extended amount of time to complete the assignment. If all else fails, Susie Q. can always comfort Jane Doe while she goes and cries in a corner for forgetting the assignment... But Jane is strong so she won't ever result to cheating or crying, and she will realize that Susie Q. is trying to pick the best solution for her situation.

This is the perfect example of what we should do in the type of situation. I would have done the same thing that Susie Q. did in this scenario, and hopefully, other students will follow in her example. This is how I would accomplish an effective way to help someone finish their assignment without resorting to cheating.



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