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Achievement - Personal Essay

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  1. My Greatest Accomplishment and Award to Date

Each person have a different view and the success rate, but for me personally the highest success rate in terms of the job is when I received the project from Management, and able/ achieve the goals which have set before or even my achievement is above the initial level which has set before.

As a real example, in my workplace right now, me and my team our main focus (job description) is in internal control (efficiency) for each business unit in the company/ group.

In some places (business unit) we (me and my team) have managed to reduce costs and lower the level of inefficiency for the purchase of unneeded and purchases beyond the reasonable price (the cost of fuel, general purchase, and so on), so that the company can undertake efficiency measures to reduce of the routine costs.

One level of appreciation that I and the team get, especially me, get a chance to learn to improve and sharpen the level of ability (skills) through media among colleagues, that I will give back to the company that I work.

As a complement example, where I worked before there is one project that is requested by the Management (early identification to reduce the level of inefficiency), after discussions both with Management, supervisor and another user, then me, as the Internal Audit Dept. Head issued a program "whistle blower" and proved to be successfully implemented and is able to quickly identify possible fraud and reduce the level of in-efficiency of the company, and beyond that I got a chance to level the higher career within the company.

However, from two (2) existing example, me as a personal was not satisfied on that success, and as human I have much to learn both in the work environment, family, and society, because I think right now is far from perfect.



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