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Behavior Change - Personal Essay

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I realized my behavior change drastically whenever I'm talking to different people. When I'm talking to some strangers, I talk slowly and use the proper works with smile all the times in my face. I act civilized and courteous but keep some social and public distance between us because I believe a safety distance can comfort both of us. When I'm talking to someone I know but not so familiar with. I also try to be urbane. However, unlike talking to strangers, during our communication, I may shorten the distance between us and try to use some body language to associate with speed to make our conversation more vivid. Come to the time when I'm talking to my best friends. I show them the true "me" without any apprehension. I talk loud and laugh out loud like crazy. When we get into arguments, we shout to each other; when they piss me off, I walk away and ignore them totally like they are not exist. But after a few hours, we can become best friends again without any apology. The behavior I act toward different people can change immediately whenever I talk to them, sometimes this change can even be unconscious.

Hey Danielle, I understand your feeling and I notified the similar situation like yours whenever my parents are around. The difference is my parents did tell me directly that they want me to have very proper speech whenever I talk to others especially someone who is older than me. Though my parents are not educated like your grandmother, they always expect me to have a good attitude toward people and communicate to people with the most proper words, because they believe by doing that, I can leave a good expression to others, which in turn, may help me with my social life and help me to be success in the future. Therefore, in your situation, I understand that it should be hard for you to keep a proper speech patterns when you've already got used to an "informal" one, however, I think you should be glad that you can manipulate both of them since I believe use the correct speed pattern while talking to different people is also one kind of success.



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