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Benefits of Customer Service

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In this assignment I will describe the benefits to the customer, the organisation and the employees of monitoring, evaluating and implementing improvements in customer service. Considering the time lost through dealing with issues, costs incurred and improved internal and external customer satisfaction.

Benefits Of monitoring customer service Of evaluation improvements in customer service Of implementing improvements in customer service and issues (negatives).

The customer When customer service is monitored, the customer will notice a lot due to the fact that the business has made improvements/changes, especially if that customer has made a comment about it themselves. It will show to the customer that they are cared about by the company and listened to and so, will continue to return and think positively - recommending them to others. Even though it will take the customer's time to fill out a comment card or ring up to complain - it would prove beneficial in the long run due to improvements. This is a benefit to the customers of a business because, if the business evaluates the customer feedback, they will know what to change/improve and why they are doing so. This will make the customers experience with the company more enjoyable because it is something that they want - it will make them happier. The business will be able to see if their changes have proved to be effective in the increase/decrease in customers. Putting these improvements within a business, will increase the customer satisfaction a great deal. They will be getting what they want out of the business and so, will enjoy the company itself. It is extremely likely that they will return again if customer service is constantly improved. They will feel respected, important and cared about. This is a good feeling to have within a customer which therefore means the implements put in place were effective. However, from looking at the customers comments, to evaluating them and then for changes to put in place - It may take a long time.

The organisation By monitoring customer service, the organisation will know exactly what the customers would like out of the business/service and so they know what type of changes or improvements to make in order to increase sales, the customers itself as well as customer satisfaction. Cost would be low doing this but it may take time gathering enough evidence and comments and complaints to take things further. For example, it could take a few months for the information from customers to come in. By evaluating customer service, the organisation will be able to see what's effective and come up with new strategies towards the aim of the business itself. It provides many benefits involving profit and an increase in customers, which could mean offering new services and products- therefore, expanding the business more and allowing room for more income. However, researching and evaluating may take time and so, possibly wouldn't



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