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Career Plan Building Activity: Reasoning Aptitude

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Essay Preview: Career Plan Building Activity: Reasoning Aptitude

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Career Plan Building Activity: Reasoning Aptitude

The reasoning aptitude activity results indicate that I have the potential to work effectively in almost any role, from manual work that relies on highly developed practical skills to cognitively demanding careers that require rapid learning, complex information processing and problem solving and I may be drawn to work that makes more use of my cognitive abilities. This paper will discuss what the results tell me about my individual thinking style, how knowing this information and my competencies and work culture helps me to understand how work is done in teams, and what adjustments I can make to my own teamwork style based on the results.

Individual Thinking Style

The results tell me that I like to think ahead about the newest technologies coming out and how they may help my organization. I am able to find business opportunities and I maintain awareness of the organizational structures, finances, control costs, profits and loss and valuations. My thought process has a wide range and I am forward thinking about how changes will affect the entire organization.

Understanding Work in Teams

Knowing this information is critical in knowing what type of organization would benefit from my expertise knowledge. I understand the developments of teams and the work that is involved when working with teams. I am able to perceive conflicts and run interference to ensure that any conflicts that arise produce good results where everyone is satisfied with the work they are to do to accomplish our goals. Conflict is a natural outcome in any group and without those conflicts arising, you would not find a better result. With clear goals and a group with relevant skills, I am able to help the team build trust in me as their leader and in each other and have the team commit to the accomplishment of their goals. I encourage good communication, negotiating skills, and provide the appropriate leadership to get the job done.

Adjustments to Teamwork Style

My teamwork style is based on a work group where there is a clear leader and the team does their work individually. We meet and discuss what needs to be done and I make the final divisions and delegate work to team members. After reviewing the career plan building activities, I see that I often put myself as the leader of a group and am reluctant to release that role. I try to remain open to ideas and allow input from the team. However, throughout the readings, I have found that work teams may also be beneficial to my organization wherein groups work together and complement each other instead of working alone. I can see a use for these types of teams in my organization where projects arise where one person cannot effectively complete the work.





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