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College and Career Planning

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Essay Preview: College and Career Planning

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College and career planning is important for any individual that may decide to pursue a higher education. The most important aspects of the planning process are: determining an individual's skills, interests and personality, finding an occupation that would be suitable and enjoyable, matching one's current needs and objectives to find an appropriate college or university, and, finally, starting on a career path that will lead to one's dream job.

Introspection is an essential first step for anyone who is trying to decide on a profession. Much of this process is completed subconsciously and will not require further inspection, but there are some aspects that may be more easily understood using tools such as aptitude and personality tests. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a widely recognized examination that gives a user a comprehensive personality profile. One may utilize this profile to gain supplementary perspective into the way they work and types of work environments in which they would thrive. Given the results of the analysis, the examination may make recommendations for careers that would be suitable for that specific personality type. For example, an individual who receives the type INFJ may be an excellent HR administrator, a psychiatrist, or doctor. Using this supplemental information and one's own personal musings, a potential student may be able to select a suitable career.

The key to successful college and career planning is finding the right learning institution. The first step is for an individual to determine the important criterion by which to compare schools. Generally, the most common elements one considers are location, areas of study, size, and available extracurricular activities. Other factors may include school loyalty, prestige, and the quality of the alumni. An individual that has already determined which career to pursue will also be able to compare based on their specific program. For instance, an eastern Iowa high school student that intends to remain near home and aspires to study business may elect to attend the University of Northern Iowa. The University of Northern Iowa has a prodigious business program and an excellent student-teacher ratio, making it a suitable choice for an individual looking for those qualities. Upon arrival at one's selected institution, an individual may find several opportunities for growth outside of standard academics. Extracurricular activities such as clubs, both academic and otherwise, may have many positive effects on a student. Student organizations can give a pupil networking opportunities and a grander sense of belonging, which may improve academic performance.

After procuring a degree, one needs to determine their selection criterion for finding a position. Selection factors may include locality, compensation, advancement opportunities, and a company's repute. At the aforementioned institution, an individual may have already



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