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Individual Career Planning Activity

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Individual Career Plan Building Activity


The Career planning interest profiler is used to match your personality to a career choice while the competencies activity is used to determine ones strengths. Completing the Career interest profile showed that some of my career matches are protective services (retail loss prevention, correctional officer, etc.), and management (construction manager, project management, etc.). My profile indicates I am enterprising, realistic, and artistic. Enterprising occupations involve starting up and carrying out projects while Realistic occupations involve hands on problems and solutions, require working outside and do not involve working closely with others. Artistic occupations involve working with forms, designs, patterns and often require self-expression. I find this interesting because my career goal is project manager. According to the competencies activity my strengths include taking initiative, strategizing, innovating, following instructions, goal focus, and entrepreneurial thinking. By utilizing these tools I am able to improve my ability to better choose a career path. Knowing my competencies helps improve my critical thinking by allowing me to better understand my abilities, behaviors, and skill set to become more efficient in communicating and critical thinking. The more I can improve my skills in this area, the better I will be at thinking critically, reasoning, making choices, and weighing evidence. Critical thinking skills are essential in evaluating arguments. By knowing my competency skills I am able to work on improving my observation, reasoning, and interpretation skills which will allow me to evaluate and debate arguments in a more effective way.



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