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Sdm Assignment

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Problem statement: Study of satisfaction level of the stakeholders involved in sales and distribution channel.

Objective: The objective is to identify the major factors affecting the performance of the sales and distribution channel partners of Amul.

Introduction: Amul has a large network of distributors and retailers which are associated with it for a long time. The aim of this study is to find the satisfaction level among different channel members. It will also help in determining the gaps in the service that might exist along with the factors that are causing the gaps.

Importance of this study: Distributors and the retailers are important stakeholders and their concerns need to be addressed in order to establish strong forward linkage with customers. It helps in identifying the concerns of the channel members. This would help Amul in accurately identifying the areas of concern and adequately dealing with them. It will also help them foresee any gaps in the system. It will reduce their reaction time to deal with immediate issues.

The process adopted for the study would include, identifying a particular region to which the study will be restricted to. It would subsequently be followed by interactions with the distributers and retailers of the region.



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