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Essay on Plagiarism

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Why do you intend to use this essay, or any other essay on this website? Are you using them for research, or do you plan to pass them off as your own work? If I had to guess, I would say it's probably the latter.

Do you realize that when you pass off one of these essays as your own, you are plagiarizing? You are stealing someone else's work (whether they let you or not) and ideas; while you may think it's okay to do this, many have lost their jobs and reputation as a result of being caught plagiarizing. Don't think that you're immune to this happening to you.

While it has become much easier to plagiarize than in the past, it has also become much easier for teachers to catch students who plagiarize papers. One does not need special software to detect plagiarism; basic searches on the internet are sufficient enough to catch a cheating student red-handed. While some students' papers slip beyond detection, many others are found out and dealt with accordingly.

Don't let yourself be one of those students who are caught. Do you want to deal with the consequences? Sure, may receive a '0' on a paper, but if you establish a habit of plagiarizing your work, the consequences add up and can potentially become harsher. Some educational institutions can blacklist you from other institutions if you plagiarize your work. If you plagiarize in your profession, you can be fired and/or blacklisted. Don't risk your future and your reputation by plagiarizing. It's not worth it.



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