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Ethics Case

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ethical issues resulting from globalization are businesses using child labor, health and safety issues bribery between businesses. Many businesses in China are known for hiring under age workers in their manufacturing facilities for low wages. Other countries have health and safety issues where the environment for their employees are not safe place to work and other issues include bribery between business in the United States with a business in a foreign country. None of these situations are ethical. We are brought up to know that children should not work until they are adults and to have another country to hire children who are too young to know right from wrong put them to work is totally unethical. As well as not providing a place that is safe for people to work. No one should be at risk when they go to work that their lives are in danger. Also, too many employees make unethical decisions when they are in business to try to get or give business to someone in another country. They will accept bribes which may include money or a physical gift. The consequences of doing business globally and being unethical can be as severe as imprisonment. However, most people do not want to do business with a company that is unethical. Unethical business practices can cause the global company and the American company to lose credibility. It can cause them to lose customers and clients once their unethical practice has been revealed.



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