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Extended Application

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I want to travel the world when I graduate, so I think that becoming a pilot will be the best way to do this and make money doing it. To accomplish my dream I am going to first join the air force, the advantages of being in the military will pay for my college or at least help with what I want to do. Unfortunately before I did this I had no idea what joining the military truly entails. To get an understanding of what military training involves my good friend Nina and I will train together and push each other to the very extent of our abilities. To do this we came up with a week by week plan to get into shape learning quite a few things along the way. These skills are essential in life in general and what I am going to focus my paper around. Determination, discipline, and rigor these surprising skills are what I learned from pushing myself to better myself and accomplish my goals.

These few skills are the key to being successful in anything I want to do, even if I changed my mind and decided to do something different determination, discipline, and rigor will help me in my path down the path of life. While they are difficult skills to learn, they will always slip around in your grasp trying to get away, they are totally worth the time and effort put forth, and even though I have accomplished what I set out to do I know that if I continue down this particular path it will lead me somewhere better for me and everyone involved in my life. It is a long and difficult road but it's the road I have chosen and I will do my best to perfect the skills it has taught me. In the military you will have to learn these skills or something pretty close. These skills will help me through this stage in my path and beyond to whatever I decide to do in my life.

These skills truly have weight and relevance to everything in life. Rigor, determination, and discipline will help you in any situation from being a bus boy to the president of the United States of America these skills will give you the tools for success. I have also noticed that exercising affects your ability to think clearly; after I exercised I realized that I could pay more attention to detail and clearly process ideas and accurately express thoughts. Clarity of thought is just one of the many advantages of exercising regularly. Better health is another beneficial factor in exercising, like I can now walk farther without getting tired and I can go up hills and stairs easier than before I started exercising. All of these benefits and skills will help me in any plans I have for the future and will support my current one exponentially.

To accomplish my weight loss and to get the benefits that exercise entails, I first have to get up and exercise. This is where the skills I learned come into play. Rigor: scrupulous or inflexible accuracy or adherence. My rigid schedule was followed to the letter every day for the entirety of the project; this gave me a deeper understanding of the rigid unyielding nature of the military. Determination: Firmness of purpose. Determination was the skill I developed to get myself out of bed in the morning and do it day after day, without that resolve I would have never finished. Discipline: Controlled behavior resulting from disciplinary training. The first few weeks are where I developed this skill, and it is a very useful skill. With it you could easily disarm the sharpest tongue and ignore those who would try's to affect your own personal emotions, and vast array of other topics that require a greater hold on your self.

A pilot, especially a military pilot, must have determination, discipline and of course rigor. A pilot must be attentive, disciplined, and execute task with absolute inflexibility, because without these skills the pilot is likely to injure or even kill many people. A military pilot has the same responsibilities but tenfold as they are protecting the entire country, their mistakes also cost money lots of money so they must be disciplined in a variety of skills. Determination is the one thing



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