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Helping Hands Essay

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Because of today's harsh conditions, "helping hands" are more necessary than they have ever been. From the natural disasters to the economic down pours, we could all use a little extra brotherly love to get us through these times. Helping is important because it binds the human race, emits good karma, and puts what matters most in to perspective. Helping creates peace, and peace yearns for civil people. Civility is courteous behavior, good manners, politeness, but also what keeps us going; it is the key to happiness.

Today's society and standards are difficult to keep up with, and quite frankly, they make it impossible for the average person to survive. The world today wants more and more from people but gives less and less in return. This is when we must collaborate. Each and every single member of the human race is going through this fixation called "life," but it could be much easier if all did it together. It is true that one is innocent till proven guilty, and every innocent man deserves an equal chance to be successful. One should picture what it would be like to be in someone else's position and understand that assisting the innocent is obviously the right thing to do. "What goes around comes around," is an overly used proverb about karma. Helping others will help one's self in the long run. Giving out positive energy is a prestigious favor done without asking, and one that will be returned when needed the most. Also, it puts what truly matters into perspective. When we help others, we start to notice all the small accomplishments; the things that matter. We don't take for granted what we were blessed with, but instead spread it to others that weren't as lucky. Helping others makes us value our friends and take a look at how fortunate we are to have them and all of their gracious help.

From giving a child advice to loaning your brother a few thousand to buy a car, helping keeps the Earth in orbit. Imagine where we would be if we didn't have those people in our life that have help us out a great deal. Not only myself, but the world would be desperate and lonely. One should always have an open mind, and open heart, and their arms wide open prepared to contribute to somebody else's happiness. Edward Hale once said "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do." The smallest effort to help each other makes the biggest difference.



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