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History Essay

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Every human being wants to become a hero. A hero is someone of good traits or talents. All of us have a hero in our lives. To others, a hero might be their favorite actor or musician. Or maybe, someone closest to home or in your family, like a father or uncle. But what is hero really? It has its own meaning to different things and to different people. So ill be talking to you about the strong deeds and the many accolades George Washington and Captain America have gotten. Such as their roles as a hero, the meaning of what it takes to be a hero, and the characteristics.

Being a hero is not an easy role in the real world. Lots of challenges and problems are thrown to them. George Washington also known, as the Father of our Country was an ordinary leader with lots of military training. He served as a head chief of the Continental Army for about eight years during the French and Indian war. George Washington's mission fused the French and Indian War. This war merged him in the right direction of becoming a wealthy leader. Washington's greatness wasn't just about him leading the Revolutionary Army to victory. It wasn't just about him taking control over our counties freedom. It's not just about him getting elected to be our first President. Washington's greatness was based on his leadership and character he showed which made him become such a successful and outstanding leader. With that being said, his great deeds he did were very appeasing to many men of his time.



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