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History Essay

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1. Many historians credit the New Deal coalition--and the New Deal itself--with ushering in a new era of American politics. How did the New Deal reshape politics in the first half of the 20th Century? How was the New Deal coalition a stark departure from the past? How did the New Deal influence policy in the aftermath of World War II? sure to consider the role of government in shaping the economy, impacting social relations, and assuring national security.

Assumption by the Gederal Government of greater responsibility for the nation's well-being

-before new deal:

-warren harding, calvin coolige = wall street republicans, coolige = laiseez faire

- -all biz, cut taxes for rich, raise tariffs

-heavy on immigration quotas

-coolige = refused to aid agriculture when farmer are sufferig, against veterans bonus act of 1924

-immigration act of 1921 = 3% (extremely low)

-welfare capitalism = the opposite of new deal programs

-prohibition amendment repealed during new deal, created in 1920's

-HOOVER - agriculture in trouble, says no to subsidies, people had no savings (opposite of FDIC)

-harding's cabinet full of corruption

AFTER NEW DEAL: (coalition of labor leaders, financiers, city police, etc)

-FDR tackles corruption

-FDR's landslide victory over Hoover (42 of 48 states)

-bank holidays,

-CCC provides jobs for unemployed youth,

-Agricultureal adjust act pays farmers not to grow (SUBSIDIES)

-fed emergency relief act - 500 million to feed hungry, create jobs

-NIRA - stabilize industries

-guarentees workers the right to form unions in WAGNER ACT


-marshall plan to help broken nations = has traces of new deal aid

-Truman's 21 point message = healthcare, housing, equal rights, minimum wage (all have roots in the new deal)

-GI Bill - bonus army of the past vs. giving unemployment, homeloans, education etc for vets after WW2

Truman - the fair deal = min wage, civil rihts, social security, (ALL LIKE NEW DEAL)

conclusion: Truman in his 21 points and fair deal wants to maintain gov power while still



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