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Macbeth Case

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During the medieval era in Great Britain, was a bad time, because it was dangerous. There were many knights and royalty and the church ruled the era of the 1400s. Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer shows a good example of medieval society. Today's society isn't ruled by the church. Doctors are more respected and technology has had an impact on society, like how the church did. Medieval society and modern society are different in many ways, but they also have some of the same characteristics. Today we have science and technology. In medieval time church was the government, and in today's society the church and state are separated. Modern and medieval society both had greed, flaws in leadership, and they also both had class distinctions.

In today's society I think the government is corrupt because they haven't made any progress, there manipulative, and also greedy. People these days mainly respect doctors, the military, because they do a lot to help. Doctors save lives, there well educated and serve society. The military risk there lives, there hard workers, and there respectful. The society has changed the medieval era because of the government, technology, and class mobility. The government should focus more on the people in our country, instead of helping other countries all the time. When the government say that they are going to do something they should enforce it and prove that they are actually going to do it. If the government was more independent we wouldn't be in as much debt. In the medieval era the church was there government and they did what the church told them to do. In today's society people don't depend on the church as much as they did back then, we mostly rely on technology.

In medieval era the church was the government. Everyone in this era went to church and did as the church told them. They still had class mobility with the poor and middle class, and so on. There were a lot of people living in poverty, which is why people were probably greedy or became greedy. Also doctors were disliked, because they thought the church could tell them if they had something wrong with them.

Since the Medieval Era society has changed in many ways. The government is manipulative, over powering, and greedy. Technology has had a major impact almost as much as the church did in the medieval time. People rely on it the most for answers and opinions. Another reason why society has changed also has to deal with class mobility. We are all still divided into different classes.

In the story Chaucer thinks highly of the knight. He says "A most distinguished man". Also the plowman he said "Would help the poor for the love of Christ and never take a penny."



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