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Macbeth Case

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Have a little read: ... Guillaume Wright 10C2 GCSE English Coursework C/W Shakespeare Assignment - Analysis of Lady Macbeth 10/6/01 The Essay: This essay is composed of an imaginary meeting between the director of a production of the play: Macbeth, and the actor who is playing Lady Macbeth. The stage manager is also present to offer compromises and suggestions for conflicting views arising in the dialogue. The dialogue will consist of a discussion about the portrayal of Lady Macbeth in the play: what her motives and consequential actions are and how her mental state deteriorates due to the play's events and Lady Macbeth's society, in the 1000's. The discussion is based around three separate scenes; Act 1 Scene 5, Act 2 Scene 2 and Act 5 Scene 1 and several topics need to be addressed to ensure an effective and original version of the play is produced. The Play and Lady Macbeth: Shakespeare's great Scottish tragedy is set in the 1000's and is about the courageous warrior, Macbeth and his malicious rise to power (including the brutal murder of the Scottish king, Duncan) through evil deeds that further induced even more evil deeds. Both Lady Macbeth and her husband's ambition for power and supremacy lead them into a disastrous, unnatural realm of insomnia and madness. Guilt and worry finally overcome Lady Macbeth and her insanity leads to an inescapable suicide. Lady Macbeth is honourable and loyal to her husband, shown in the play by her demand to the spirits to be transformed into an unnatural, defeminized, evil person in order to aid Macbeth to achieve the power that both he and she desires so much. The play itself is based around the theme of tragedy, like so many of Shakespeare's plays, but essentially; Macbeth relies on its major sub-plot and different themes such as sleep and kingship to help convey the meaning of the play. Some of the themes such as kingship, are beneficial and in some cases essential in explaining and analysing the character of Lady Macbeth, and therefore themes will play a part in the discussion. Dialogue: A large director's meeting room with a long wooden table and a small stage to one side. At one end of the table, an actor from the cast (Lady Macbeth), the director of the play and the stage manager are sat down and are about to begin a discussion based around the portrayal of Lady Macbeth in their version of Shakespeare's famous play; Macbeth. Key: Director (Kevin) - Blue Actor (Lucy) - Black Stage Manager (Steve) - Red " Good morning, thank you for turning up today and as I hope you already know, this morning's meeting is about the character of Lady Macbeth in our version of Macbeth. Our aim for today is to come to decisions on how Lucy will portray her and to obtain a few suggestions for staging from anyone. In terms of the agenda, I want us to discuss a few key points for three of the main scenes that she will be involved in. I would like my ideas to form the



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