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Macbeth Case

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Human karyotyping

Normal karyotypes:

1. there are 23 chromosomes presented in the normal karyotype.

2. There are 2 chromosomes in each cell of thiss human.

3. My normal karyotype represents a female.

4. There are 22 autosomes in my normal karyotype.

Abnormal karyotype:

1. there are 23 chromosomes in the abnormal karyotype.

2. The sex chromosome pair is abnormal.

3. The sex of my individual in my abnormal karyotype is a male.

4. The name of my abnormal karyotype is Klinfelter syndrome. Its syntoms are:

 develpoment of high levels of female hormones.

 They are sterile (infertile)

For thoughts and further disscussions

1.chromosomes are identified based on their size, the position of the centromere and its reaction todyes or colour probes.

2. a) Non disjunction occurs wgen two homologous chromosomes move to the same pole durning meiosis. The cause is that one of the daughter cells will be missing one of the chromosomes while the other one will have an extra one.


3. a)


5. a) Amniocentesis involves a long needle used to obtain some cells from the amniotic fluid in the mothers abdomen.


Single Gender Schools

Good morning fellow classmates, today I am going to talk about single gender schools. For starters you should know I am for Single gender schools, I believe you learn better and concentrate more on your work then if you were in a co-ed school. It was proven that students who attend single gender tend to do better in both intellectual and self-development. Attending a single gender school helps you to feel confident in your self; you find it easier to interact with others and not be afraid of saying something wrong or making yourself look bad infront of others. Normally single gender school tend to be from grade 9 to grade 12 therefore when the time comes for a student to decide whether they want to continue going to a co-ed school or take a chance and go to a single gender school. Normally this question comes to mind: what are the advantages of a single gender school?

For boys going to an all boys high school would help them to improve on their intellectual skills by having them focus more on their work and increasing their grades



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