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Macbeth Case

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Letter from Gentlewoman

Dear Malorie,

I am writing to you from the Castle of Dunsinane, where I have the privilege to serve Queen Lady Macbeth as her humble gentlewoman. I write to inform you that I have heard some rather troubling details of events that were intended to be secret. Ever since king Macbeth left to fight the war, Lady Macbeth has been in an afflicting state of mind. I have seen her with my very eyes to rise from her bed and wear her nightgown. Lady Macbeth would then proceed to unlock her closet and take out some paper. She folds it, writes on it, reads it, and then seals it and returns to bed, all while remaining unconscious of her actions.

This course of action is strange indeed, which is why I requested the assistance from a doctor, who shall be unnamed for his own safety, to aid my queen by formulating a diagnosis for her abnormal behavior. While the doctor observed this behavior in the presence of night, Lady Macbeth took to her feet and demonstrated a duress form of sleepwalking. The queen promptly began washing her hands vigorously, as though her hands were stained with an unwashable evil. This came to myself as no surprise because I have seen her perform such actions on multiple occasions, the longest of which lasted fifteen minutes. Lady Macbeth then muttered, " What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our power to account?--Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him". Could she have been talking about the late King Duncan? That would prove motive for Macbeth to carry out such an atrocity. This information only proves treason from the King and Queen, and such an accusation would mean the death of myself if I dare speak aloud. Lady Macbeth then confessed her knowledge of the circumstances which arrived to Lady Macduff and Banquo. I fear that the King has also done the unspeakable act of murder to his friends for reasons unbeknownedst to myself. It is as if the devil commanded the queen to speak of her actions because of the villainousness of her sins. Oh, Lady Macbeth is deeply troubled by her guilt and knowledge of what her husband has done to get to the position as king. I could not wish to be in such contrition, even if it meant being queen ; and in that regard, I pity her.

I have to remind you to keep this letter and all its contents to be strictly confidential, for if my written words were to be spoken, I would meet my end. I only tell you of my dilemma incase anything happens. If I have not written to you again in a month's time, it means that I have been taken and I will likely not be seen again. I want you to tell my children of the truth of what has happened to me and why their mother is no longer with them. For your safety too, please leave Scotland, because I fear that I might mention my letter to you once I am interrogated. I am sorry to have burdened you with



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