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Marketing Case

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The story I have chosen to be adapted into a made for TV film to be shown on cable network only is "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner". With the media frenzy of vampires, having a movie about a specific character would give the audience a different view. It would be told through the eyes of how a vampire fits into the feature films. The story revolves around how a young girl who ran away from home and became a newborn vampire. She finds out the reason she was turned into a vampire is to be a part of the newborn army created to kill a human. The army of newborns is mostly made up of young children and teenagers.

Even though she didn't like being a vampire she was use to it. For a newborn vampire she was quite mature. She demonstrated a great amount of self control but still found it hard to resist the scent of blood. She kept a hobby that she did when she was human, which was reading. She would steal books from the bookstores at night which kept her occupied during the day. It also kept her out of the line of fire of other newborn vampires play fighting each other. She enjoyed reading about vampires and believed the legends. They all thought they would burn if they went out into the sunlight.

She becomes friends with another newborn vampire. During a night of hunting he lets her drink before he does. Time gets away from them and they realize they would make it back to the coven so they spend the day in a deep cave to escape the sunlight. This is when she sees her friend sparkle in the sunlight and falls in love with him. This is when they both realize that they have been lied to by the leader of the newborns. When they return to the coven her friend goes to confront his leader being about to survive in the sunlight and he never returns.

On the day they are told they will go to battle the newborns are told that there are three days a year vampire's can go into the sunlight without being burned to death. She knows he is lying. She remembers her friend sparkling in the sunlight. When she asks about her friend she is told that he is on a mission. Another vampire friend tries to convince her to leave with him. He has the ability to repulse other vampires which makes everyone stay away from him. He slips away to avoid the battle field with hopes that she will follow. She doesn't. She still believes her friend is alive and is waiting for her. Unknown to her, he has been tortured to death by his creator.

When they get to the battlefield she realizes that they are quickly outnumbered and everyone has been destroyed. She is the only one left. She tries to hide hoping no one will notice where she is. This is when she realizes that her friend is dead. She is found and taken to the middle of the battlefield. The head of the vampire clan they were fighting asks to have her life spared. He sees that she is a young girl and hopes to bring her into his clan. The head of the



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