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McCann Project Management

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This case study tends to focus on some of the issues which are not commonly found in multimillion dollar IT companies.  It talks about a business case proposed by MM’s newly appointed project manager McCann, where he plans to launch a new project called the Green Project within a year’s time. However, McCann soon finds himself mired by all sorts of problems that could potentially act as a barrier to the successful launch of this project. The issues include modifications in the industrial standards as well problems within the HR department among others. So McCann has to analyze all these issues, quickly reassess all the strategies and take decisions accordingly so as to be able to make this project a success.

Challenges Faced by the Company:

It is pretty much evident from the case that the company is surrounded by an array of problems which it needs to take care of as soon as possible. The organizational politics is one of such problems that McCann is worried about as it would act as a barrier to make the Green project a success. Another organizational level problem that the company is facing is the fact that all the departments are acting isolated from each other. IT level problems and HR issues related to Linda are pretty clear indicators of the struggle going on within the company. The company is also supposed to deal with the change in industrial standards which would make their new product almost obsolete in the new environment.

Answer 1: Facilitators:

For any project to succeed, it is imperative that it has the backing of the executive board as it not only curtails the decision making process but also makes the flow of project much smoother. In addition, offering periodical incentives to employees for successful completion of the project is also a good idea to keep them motivated to put their hearts and souls into it and make valuable contribution. McCann is also among the key facilitators of the Green Project as he is among the best project managers of the company. The list would also include names like Linda and Samba who were among the best people to contribute to this project.



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