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Music Case

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"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests" (Charley Reese). This quote draws out the essence of the song; however selfish industrialisation may be in exhausting the resources of the less developed nations and enriching those of developed status, it is necessary. White, born to a family associated with the arts, picked up mournful Americana music targeted at Americans.

White begins by showing the relationship of people in the third world, farming and sending their produce to her, a person living in the first world. "I'm a spoiled child of the great imperialist state" implies that she has the luxury of having everything she wants without putting much physical effort into doing so. White used a clever contrast between that of the well and tap, the comparison between effort and lack of it.

People in the third world are striving for a better life but industrialisation stands in between, inherently widening the social and economic gap. This effort has however been futile, as delivered from "How far can you drive". White clearly has conflicted feelings toward being a voracious consumer of produce from the third world countries. However forlorn she might feel, it is impossible to abstain from them.

However unjust we may feel towards such an arrangement, imperialism lives on in less concealed and subtle ways, and industrialisation is necessary for the continuation and advancement of the world.

The way of life enrich some, destroys more.



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