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Music Case

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In the future 5 to 10 years from now I would like to continue making music websites like this for money. I would also like to have a shop or store where you can buy custom clothing we make. Making money off of this would be something I could do the rest of my life because it's fun and I enjoy it. With the degreeGrowing up I loved playing football in and out of school. I played for the Lavergne Wolverines in elementary school and we won a lot of trophies along the way. Then in middle school I played for the school team JFK Stars. Our record was 4-2 and we didn't make playoffs.

In high school I decided to switch up and play basketball because football didn't interest me anymore. I made the freshman team. This was the first basketball team I was on and I had to learn a lot. We had a pretty good record at 9-5 and we made playoffs but

After I graduate high school I plan to pursue a job with developing websites. This would increase my knowledge in websites to help accomplish my passion for music. I can learn things to improve my website .s I would get from college I believe I can make my dream possible.



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