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Music Case

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Firstly, spiritual music, gives me a sense of hope. Reminding me to do the right thing that there's a better life after this one. My feelings are always at a peace whenever I am listening to spiritual music. I know that don't have to worry about hearing any bad words. When I was five years old I started singing with the church choir. I was so happy and excited. Singing is that I could think about I would sing all day long. I would imagine myself with wings being up in the sky sitting inside of clouds singing. Secondly, deep meditation music, with the right frequencies and beats can help tremendously with taking me quickly into a deep meditation. As sound frequencies can affect our moods and emotions, we may use typical musical frequencies to deepen our mind state to take us to meditative states much quicker. When my mind is in a state of calmness, my brain waves have a certain frequency. When I'm alert, my mood has a totally different frequency.

Thirdly, R & B music is one of the most type of music listened to throughout the day, every day. It transcends expectations and leaps over culture values. R & B music makes me feel, think, and allow myself to understand how different people perspectives are.



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