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Music Case

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Music has to be one of America's favorite past time hobbies of all time. The trend has been around for more than fifty years now. Music is popular all over the world and the reason people like music so much is people feel like they can make a connection with the artist and they feels as if they can relate to every word that they are hearing and feel conferrable while doing it. Not only does music bring comfort but it also gives the media something to talk about sometimes good and sometimes negative. Music is so powerful that sometimes a human can be led to believe that the music that they are hearing is reality in deed.

While reading the article of "Music-Evoked Nostalgia: Affect, Memory, and Personality", the author talks about how a person's relation to the lyrics in a song give that listener a sense of meaning and arousal. This can be a controversy that the media has had with music all along. With this controversy we get the allusion that people are influenced by the popular trends tremendously. Most of the time the media does not really take into consideration if the message they are sending is a positive one or in most cases a negative one. Even though the message may not be positive and in very most cases a negative one the liters still happen to make a strong connection with the music.

America is most dwelled upon people that are involved with the music industry and produce music of their own. Most individuals wish they can be like these famous music icons. The closest way that normal human being will ever get to be lid key these famous celebrities is by mimicking them and doing as they do. This may not be the smartest thing to do but people like trends and they will go out of their way just to show other individuals that they are in with the times and they can be just alike like their favorite music artist, whether it's dressing like them, talking, or even acting like their favorite musician. Most of the time musicians may have one sense of what they are doing but in today's society it's all about fitting in and keeping up with the times. To this very day I can see the different types of trends that music has enforced on us, it seems no matter what the artist does no matter how informal or inappropriate the trend maybe people still seem to support it and make it part of their everyday life.

Music may have an influence our appearances and it also may affect the way we act and we carry ourselves .A lot of what people may say has been written or said by a famous musician sometimes musicians don't say the smartest things ever. The craziest part of this is that people don't even know that what they are saying has once been scripted in a form of media, at one time it's know hard to say something without it being copyrighted . Media also has an influence on the way that certain people live their lives and carry themselves every



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