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My Family - Personal Essay

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My family and I are from a range of backgrounds going back four generations that I can remember. My great grandmother on my mother’s side who was Puerto Rican moved to New York where she met my great grandfather who was from Austria. They owned a deli in the middle of Queens where my grandmother and great aunt and uncle often times helped out. They were far from rich but they did have clothes on their backs food on the table and they actually went to a very good charter school. My great grandfather was in the U.S. Navy and he was a very hard working, strict parent and boss. He didn’t believe in days off and when the work day was done it was time to go home and work there. My grandmother grew up and raised her four children three girls eleven months apart and the boy that came five years later. She and my grandfather worked very hard, my grandmother at the hospital and at night cleaning houses and my grandfather had a landscaping business and did odd jobs when he could.

They both believed the kids should have a childhood and the only thing they should focus on was school. Needless to say all of them went to school my oldest aunt finished with an associates and my mother who had two children already and knew she wasn’t going to get anywhere in life without a degree, received her bachelors. My brother and I grew up in a one parent household and saw how much our mother struggled to provide for us and even though we saw and felt what was going on, personally I had a child before I started collage. She has pushed me to achieve goals that I never knew were possible. The truth is I dropped out of school because I was a single parent and things were getting a little too overwhelming for me to juggle all of it by myself. I met my fiancé and we had a little baby boy so I decided now is a good a time as any to get my goals accomplished. I can say I am accomplishing these goals because I am doing online school which allows me to do my work on my time (after the baby is in bed and the household chores are done).

 I can definitely say I am goal and achievement oriented, especially now that I have two little ones that look up to me and mimic our every move. Through time technology and money to achieve these goals THEY WILL GET DONE. I am extremely organized from my house to my work, I believe the more organized one is the mind can then rest. I will say I do not follow a guideline as to how I live my life therefore I do not consider myself to be institutionally minded. I believe myself to be a person that thinks all people are equal and have an equal opportunity for success within boundaries, for instance if a person has the means to get into better schools because of money another may have to work three times as hard but also can get to the same place. My belief is, if you want it one must work to get it. It makes the success that much more appreciated. I am very work oriented, as is everyone I surround myself with, we all have goals we want to achieve and the only way to do so is to work hard for it. I am on time and if by chance I am late I like to let the receiver know in advance.



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