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My Future Plans - Personal Essay

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Essay Preview: My Future Plans - Personal Essay

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Kylee Gilson

English IV

My Future Plans

My name is Kylee Gilson. Right now I am in the process of completing my most important year of high school, my senior year. Throughout all four years of my high school experience, I have thought up many things that I want to do in my life. But, during my final two years of high school, I have finally determined what I plan to do with my life.

At this time in my life I am preparing for graduation, and how will begin my plans for the real world. I have chosen to do a mid-term graduation so my time to prepare is a lot slimmer than most. Once I have graduated from high school, I plan to further my education, starting with a community college. Money in my family is not an easy thing to provide, so I figure, if I start at a community college, I can transfer to a university later. I plan to complete my first two years of college at Western Iowa Tech. I plan to work and attend school. During those two years I plan to work to afford an apartment, car, and part of my college debt. The courses I will be completing at WIT will just be general courses. But as I complete those, I will also be on the waiting list for a nursing program, so that I can receive my associate's degree in nursing.

Once I have complete WIT, I will transfer to a university. I still haven't decided which one, but hopefully it won't be home. I want to remain close to home, just in case something happens and I need to be within distance of my family. I plan to attend my final two years of college getting my bachelor's degree in nursing. And, if I'm not completely satisfied, I'll go one step higher. I plan to either become a Neonatal nurse, or an ER/Trauma nurse. Because by this time I will have already received my associate's, I plan to work in an environment that fits my level of education, while I finish college.

Once I graduate from whatever university I have chosen, I will be ready to start my career. But, before I can do that, I plan to move somewhere else, and start over. I want to move somewhere away from home. I want to get a new home, and a new profession. Once I have moved to the perfect place, I will begin my new life, with a new career, and even possibly begin my own family.

There are many things I could fit into my crazy life. But, the few that I have shared will be the main things in my life that I am more than determined to complete.



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