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Narrative Essay Veganism

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Essay Preview: Narrative Essay Veganism

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eganism can be a touchy subject to some people, as people tend to think vegans are stuck up and just want to make other people feel bad about there diets. I believe I am different…. I want to share my story and how becoming vegan changed my life and made me to be the person I am today. I adopted a new lifestyle that not only helped me loose 45 pounds but helped my overall health mentally and physically. I am very thankful for veganism because it gave me a positive outlook on myself and life.

The year was 2016, 15 year old me was having a rough year. I was overweight and didn’t have the healthiest eating habits, I also suffered from heavy depression and anxiety. I remember so vividly at the time not wanting to live in my body and just wanting to crawl into a shell. At the time I was so focused on my body like any other teenage girl and just had the unhealthiest mind set on food and becoming skinny. I would try fad diets and when they didn’t work I would just binge on junk food and give up until a couple days later, and would repeat the cycle that hurt me mentally and physically so much. One day I stumbled upon a article talking all about veganism and how it is a lifestyle that’s not only good for the earth and animals but for our bodies as well. I decided to go all in and promised myself I was gonna change my mindset about food and my body for the positive.

Once I jumped straight into veganism, I was feeling better than I ever did before. I was feeling so good because I had something to put my time into and would overtime would become a passion of mine. I started to get inspired and wanted to be healthy not only to loose weight but to live a happy healthy life, my mindset was that this was the only body i would ever have, so I had to treat it with care and love. I started to workout and the endorphins helped my stressful anxeity. since I was starting to get out more into the sun and nature it was helping my dark depression as well. I put alot of work into my well being and health, before I knew it I lost 45 pounds, but as well gained a healthy mindset. I got to eat an abundance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and plantbased foods that would make me feel so great after every meal. Veganism also taught me how to cook for myself and budget healthy food since I was the only vegan person in my family.

Yes veganism had a great effect on my body and mind, but it also has a an amazing effect on the enviroment and animals. I have always been a animal lover since I was a kid, so it hasn’t been hard to stick with veganism. I educated myself on animal cruelty and gained alot of morals. Becoming vegan for the animals also changed my outlook on life, if a animal is breathing, feeling, and has all of the senses that us humans have than why would we kill it for our own benefit? In todays world We have so many options than using



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