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Personal Essay

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As a child, I have always had the dream of one day being a successful person. As of now, I still have that dream attached to me because I am determined to make that dream into a reality. I have done everything possible to get closer to this goal that I have for myself. I give everything, more than my best in everything. In other words, I am overambitious. I am a person who is very determined. Someone that completes any task possible. I work well under pressure. I have very good working ethics, and have always been interested in the field of Business. I know that I can be a valuable asset to the Academy of Business Leadership and would love to have the opportunity to demonstrate my skills, knowledge, and capabilities in this program.

I am a fully confident person that works efficiently well with others. I communicate with others really well and can adapt to the environment I am in. I will be a reliable person that will fully participate to the fullest extent. I am highly motivated and will share my positive energy with my fellow teammates. I have gained experience in leadership when I was a freshmen in high school; I use to do Tae Kwon Do for three years working to achieve my black belt. Once I reached my black belt, I became the highest rank and led those who rank below me; I instructed them, and they looked up to me because I was the first black belt in my class. I have what it takes to lead my teammates into success because I have a strong desire to be the best and achieve greatness.

When I become a member of the Academy of Business Leadership, I would like to understand and expand my knowledge in the field of Business. I want to know how to manage a company and how to make into a successful company. I would also like to gain more confidence in communicating so that when I give presentations I won't be as nervous as I normally am. I know that when I am an adult, I will need to save money adequately so I will learn how to make a profit by saving money in the bank, and I think that the Academy of Business Leadership will provide me with that knowledge. This will beneficial for me because someday I will become a Chief Executive Officer.

Finally, someday, I would like to return to the Academy of Business Leadership, as an alumnus, to be a spokesperson and an instructor for the class at that time. I would also like to be a donator for this program in the future so that the students who are attending have a great experience. I want students like me to have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the field of Business.



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