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Project X

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The case of Product X, has quite a lot of major problems. The very first problem that I see is that multiple people within the company knew that there were issues with Product X, yet the corporate people didn't really listen to what they had to say. These people see firsthand on a daily basis what problems these products have. Another problem was the fact that they wrote to many memos and another problem within that was the fact that the memos went through a middle man instead of straight to corporate. The people in the middle read those memos and thought that they were too forward and that corporate would not like it. The middle man should not be making recommendations like that. Those decisions should be left up to the people that have to read them. Another problem was that the middle man took it upon themselves to release the information in small bits and pieces instead of all at once. This can leave information out and things can get lost in translation. This means that the corporate people do not really get the full picture and they can potentially have the project go forward with out potentially really important information. Due to the fact that corporate really did not like the amount of memos and seemed to not really pay attention to the "lower" people, this discouraged them and they would feel like they couldn't really pass information on to corporate.

There are many possible recommendations that one can make with regards to this particular case. First and foremost, I believe that the issues of the multiple memos needed to be taken care of. Corporate needs to make on final decision as to whether they only want memos in one page format or if multiple page memos can be sent. This can take out some of the confusion for some of the people that need to send them. Also, another recommendation would be that I think that the people that work closely with the product on a daily basis and the corporate people should have had at least one face to face meeting, so that they could try to hammer out some of the issue that there seemed to be with the product. This also would eliminate the semi skewed view that corporate had of the product. This way they would not continue to try and find financial backing for a product that may not be worth the money in the end. Also another recommendation to tie into the last one would be to cut out the middle man. This would eliminate lots of communication and things getting lost in translation somewhere down the road.



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