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The only Thing We Have to Fear Is...120 Characters

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Essay Preview: The only Thing We Have to Fear Is...120 Characters

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The Only Thing We Have to Fear is...120 Characters

In today's generation most people believe that cell phones are responsible for aberrant behaviors. "The article "The Only Thing We Have to Fear is ....120 Characters" it stated that most teens have cell phones that causes unusual behavior, which is why cell phones are banned at school. I would agree with this due to majority of teenagers a children have cell phones already today. Cell phones are used for a great number of things including internet access to all social networks. I do believe that cell phones are the reason why a lot of things happened in today's society especially with teens. For example, most teens and children would rather spend more time on social sites than doing productive things like listening to their teacher or going outside for some fresh air.

When using cell phones most children use codes and abbreviations for some words. According to the article "The Only Thing We Have to Fear is....120 Characters most children use "Textese" which is a slang language used when sending messages. Most people think that this is "destroying our language and ability to write". I disagree because texting is another form of writing and all testese is, is abbreviations for a long word that the person didn't want to spell out. Although most teens and children use "textese" as a code I believe that is doesn't affect their writing or speech.

Cyber bullying can also cause the children to have aberrant behaviors as well. Cyber bullying is the latest and most pervasive type of bullying that is used too, because with the use of social networks and cell phones, information can reach a large amount of people in little to no time at all. After being bullied must teens lock themselves away because they just can't face reality. According to a recent study by Pew Internet and American Life Project, a source used by Thomas and McGee, found that "26% of teens have been harassed through their mobile phone by calls or text messages", Lenhart et al., 2010. Cyber bullying causes abnormal behavior to teens in many watys, in some cases it may even cause death. I agree that in some cases cell phones can really cause behavior to teens that isn't normal. For example, if the student is getting bad grades in school and the parent takes their child phone, some teens act out. I believe that this behavior is really abnormal because it's just a cell phone, but teens act like they can't live without it.



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