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What Is Teenage

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What is Teenage :-

Teenage is referred to the age group of a human being between 13-19 years.It is better known as Adolescence which is derived from the lating word adolescere which means to growing up.It is a stage of physical and psychological transition of human development.It generally occurs between puberty and adulthood.In males,the physical growth and cognitive development is usually seen in adolescence but it can also extend into the early twenties exceptionally. A better understanding of teenage in society depends upon various perspectives.The most important ones are from the areas of psychology,biology,history,sociology education and anthropology.Teenage is viewed as a period of transition between childhood and adulthood whose cultural purpose is the preparation of children for adult roles taking into account all of the above perspectives.

The end of teenage and the start of adulthood varies from nation to nation and by function.Even within a single country or culture there can be different ages at which an individual is considered to be mature enough to earn the society's trust and to be given certain tasks.These tasks are not just driving a vehicle, having sex legally, serving in the armed forces or on a jury, alcohol consumption, voting, entering into contracts, completion of particular levels of education, and marriage,but teenage is also accompanied by independence allowed by the parents or legal guardians and less supervision as compared to pre-teenage.

The human brain is not fully developed by the time a person reaches puberty. Between the ages of 10 and 25, the brain undergoes changes that have important implications for behavior..

The brain reaches 90% of its adult size by the time a person is six years of age.Thus, the brain does not grow in size much during teenage.

During the teenage period, the white matter in the brain undergoes a linear increase, while the amount of grey matter in the brain follows an inverted-U pattern.

By the time one has reached the age 15 or so, his basic thinking abilities are comparable to those of adults. These improvements that occur during the teenage period are:-

1. Attention Improvement

2. Memory Improvement

3. Processing speed improvement

4. Organization skills improvement

5. Metacognition.

The teenage period is undoubtedly the most vulnerable period in the life of a human being.This is the time when he or she is more prone to things which he or she would do or experience that would effect his or her latter life very dominantly.

The next pages of this research study are dedicated to how the environmental factors and early interventions effect the latter life of a human being during his teenage and how they play a significant role in the success and maturity of a teenager during his transition state from a teenager to an adult.

Teenage has always been troubled for some mysterious reasons, puberty is now kicking in at an earlier and earlier age. A leading theory explains about the changes in energy balance as children eat more and move less these days.Firstly, with the industrial revolution and then secondly and even more dramatically with the information revolution, the modern age children have come to take on adult roles later and later. About five hundred years ago, Shakespeare knew that the emotionally intense combination of teenage sexuality and peer-induced risk could be tragic which is shown in his one of the most famous work "Romeo and Juliet."

The latest crucial idea is that there are two different neural and psychological systems in a human being that interact with one another to turn children into adults. In the recent two centuries, the timing of development of these two systems has undergone a change. That, in turn, has profoundly changed teenage and produced new kinds of teenage sorrow and distress. The biggest question for anyone who gets to deal with today' youth is how we can go about bringing these cogs of the teenage mind back to normal once again.

There are many factors affecting teenagers which determine their after life when they become adults.A teenager needs to take care about his surrounding,his activities,his friend circle and many more factors being aware of the fact that these things would matter his life when he wouldnot be a teenager anymore.

For this awareness is necessary.A few points to be aware about are as follows:-

Factors that affect Teen social development:-


School is a place for teens which is not just a place for academic development, but is also a place where they get to interact with peers to find out who they themselves actually are. It is a place where teens mingle with different kinds of people.This factor gives the explanation whether the teen would pick up healthy or bad habits. A Teacher who imparts good guidance and knowledge plays a very crucial role at this stage of life since teachers are the ones teens will see for approximately eight hours a day. Having the right kinds of friends is also very important as teens are prone to social and ideological transformations during this time of life.Such factors later affect a teen's social development.

2)Economic Factors-

Observations state that teens who hail from a less influential background have a tough time socializing with people of the same age.Many times these students suffer from an inferiority complex when they compare themselves to the wealthy class of students. Students who hail from a financially stable or sound class are able to support activities like art classes, athletic opportunities and music lessons.But the poor community is deprived of all these oppurtunities and will not be able to offer as many activities. Such activities play a very important and a significant role in the social development of an individual during his teenage period.


As life gets more and more demanding with time, even teens get stressed out. Teens are obliged to be a part of family matters, social commitments and work pressure at school. They struggle hard just to live up to the expectations of his family members. All these factors can affect their health. They get very little time to get involved in recreational activities. Parents should be well aware of their teens' schedule and help them keep their life in an orderly manner.

When in teenage,one should have time for fun and time to learn who they actually are,or



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