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Where Would I like to Be in Five Years? - Personal Essay

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Essay Preview: Where Would I like to Be in Five Years? - Personal Essay

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A relatively old question asked various times throughout my journey to becoming that better somebody. As time progresses and I continuously mature both personally and professionally towards becoming the individual I both desire and need to become to achieve what it is I would like to achieve in this lifetime. The simple answered version to, "where would I like to be in five years?" would be to simply be great at all things I set out to accomplish while at the same time having a positive impact on the world in some form or fashion. A more detailed look into wanting to achieve my inner greatness would first consist of the successful launch of my co-founded full service multimedia company my brother and me have recently started up. Tailor Fitted, LLC is the name we decided to role with for the face of the company. In five years I don't simply wish to have a successful business, creating the sought after American dream of enjoying financial security that normally comes with ones success. I look for our full service multimedia company to assist in changing the face of how business is conducted for perspective clients in a forever-evolving industry. Our particular company specializes in a few key areas. Those areas being web design and programming, videography for all your video needs, photography of all styles and levels as well as graphic design for all your marketing needs. At Tailor Fitted, LLC we strive to ride off the ring of the name itself in providing tailor fitted services for all our clients. A lot of companies simply want to turnover a nice profit while drowning you in technical jabber convincing you why you need their services. At Tailor Fitted, LLC our motto is to give the client regardless of their knowledge in any given aspect of the industry a tailor made solution that we go over in detail with the client to ensure they completely understand what it is they want to accomplish and why the solution we can provide will directly assist them in achieving just that. Our understandings in both business and casual relationships have a firmer foundation when they are built on a trustworthy platform. Ensuring clients that their best interest is at heart at all times while doing business at Tailor Fitted, LLC, not just for the initial landing of new business but also for the duration of the entire relationship. To be accepted and appreciated for carrying out these wishes and beliefs is what achieving that inner greatness for our company is all about to me.

Some may wonder where do I get my motivation and inspiration. Are their any before me that I may idolize or maybe even consider following their footsteps? One name above all comes directly to mind, Leonardo Da Vinci. Many may know him as one of the great art leaders of the renaissance period. Some may know him through his worldwide respected masterpieces such as the "Mona



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