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Biomecanics Assignment

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This report examines the application of Biomechanics of learning volleyball skills. The participates are the year 11 HPE class. The data collection methods were using computer software such as dartfish as well as the indicator test including video evidence. The results indicate. This has implications for.


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In order to improve my volleyball serve using biomechanics through investigating the ways that movements can be performed more efficiently to improve and decrease the chance of injury. The three main processes of applying biomechanics to movement are to, provide valid reasons for observed effects, diagnose problems with technique and justify changes in technique. Case study...

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The objective of the volleyball serve is to get the volleyball over the net into the other court ultimately putting it in play for a chance to win a point. The movement pattern associated with the volleyball serve can be split into three sections; standing, throwing, and striking. Standing is involved as the whole skill is performed while standing. Throwing can relate to the ball toss at the start of the serve and striking occurs when the server hits the ball at the point of impact. The volleyball serve can relate to a discrete motor skill, fine motor skill, closed motor skill and the loco motor skill. The discrete motor skill relates to the volleyball serve as it is a movement which has a specific beginning and end. The skill phase from preparation through to the follow through of the serve categorises the volleyball serve into a discrete motor skill. The volleyball serve requires greater control of the small muscles as well as greater precision categorising the serve as a fine motor skill. The volleyball serve is a loco motor skill, as it moves from point A to point B, as well as a closed motor skill as the serve is performed in a stable or predictable environment. The skill phases within the volleyball serve can be split up into five sections; preparation, ball toss and backswing, forward swing, impact/strike, and follow through.

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