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Counselling Assignment

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                                                                                     PART 1

  1. Potential areas of my life experience that may be sources of knowledge, skills and experience that may be relevant to counselling-
  2. Knowledge, skills and experience that I acquired as a result of the life experiences that I have identified in counselling-

Potential areas of my life experience that may be

sources of knowledge, skills and experience that may be relevant to counselling-

Knowledge, skills and experience that I acquired as a result of the life experiences that I have identified in counselling-

1 When my best friend failed in class 11 final exams so I provided him emotional support.

Reasons identified for his failure-

1 He took wrong subjects due to peer pressure.

2 He use to give less attention to studies and use to play PlayStation games most of the time.

1 It helped me to improve my empathetic skills because I could feel for him being in the same situation during my 9th standard when I failed in final exams.

2 It helped to develop good time management skills.

3 It helped me to identify that “personal interest” should be given supreme priority.

4 It made me sensitive about a person’s situation when he/she fail in exams and they have to repeat one more year.

2 When my sister went through a breakup after a 3 year long relationship so I was providing her emotional support.

Reason identified for her breakup-

 Over-trusting the other fellow as my sister even told her Debit card pin to her bf and as a result he withdrew Rupees 20,000 without my sister’s consent.

1 It helped me to realize that trusting someone is alright but over-trusting is a crime to oneself.

2 It made me sensitive towards the mental health of an individual when he/she suffers from a breakup because my sister was suffering from depression after her breakup.

3 When my friend’s father “died” because of a road accident.

Reason identified for accident-

Mixing of drinking and driving at night

1 It gave me an important lesson of “driving safely” because it’s not just you whose life is at stake also your family member’s lives are too involved.

2 It made me sensitive towards those families whom lost their key member on whom they are totally dependent suddenly die’s.

  1. What I brought with me from my previous experience that might be a strength or an  asset in relation to my work as a counselling skills user-

 Good listening skills- In all the above mentioned cases I have developed very good listening skills which I believe plays a crucial role in the counselling world. Whenever you visit a doctor it becomes very important for him to at first understand the patient’s problem and then to give medicine’s accordingly same is the case in counselling. If you take both my sister’s break-up story and my friend’s failure story they both were around 20-30 minutes long so during that time it becomes very important to “listen” with full attention.

Paraphrasing- I have inculcated the ability to rephrase a long para into a short and crisp manner which is very crucial in the field of counselling. Your client during counselling sessions will not directly state you the crucial points instead you have to listen very carefully and paraphrase the long stories into a short and meaningful form which I tried to do in both the above mentioned cases.

 Empathy- In counselling it becomes very important to empathize which is all about stepping inside other person’s shoes. Let’s take the example of my friend’s case of failure so at that point of time I could actually feel for my friend’s situation because I myself have failed during my 9th standard final exams which helped me a lot to help my friend to get out of that terrible situation.

D) Things that I have brought that might be a hindrance or distraction in the field of counselling-

 My sister’s break-up case- My sister’s break-up case is a true example of undue-advantage that people take from some other person’s faith on you. So from that case I assume that this world should not be trusted upon at all, so if a person approaches me in future for counselling I may not trust his/her stories and in counselling trusting your client is very crucial.

 After watching movies like Oh my god- So in this movie people are trying to make money by taking the name of various gods like ram, Shiva, Hanuman etc. which once again acts as a hindrance to the aspect of “faith” in this society which once again can create trust issues with my client.


                                                                              PART 2

1. By yourself (or with someone who knows you well and whom you trust to give you honest feedback), identify the following:

1.1 Things that people do that really bother me-

 Over-interference of someone in my personal life- I do not like those people whom over-interfere in my life. E.g. I do not drink liquor but once one of my uncle told me to bring liquor for him and one of my friend saw that bottle of liquor in my room and he started passing un-necessary comments which I never liked.



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