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Crosby Manufacturing - Project Management

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1. Compose a synopsis of the case, using a maximum of 120 words.

Due to current problems with Crosby Manufacturing's current management cost and control system (MCCS) of not being able to meet competition and were also reported nonresponsive to three large government contracts, Wilfred Livingston "president of the company" is making demands that the system be changed or updated to meet demands. Livingston started in 2005 where he reorganized the 700 employee structure into a modified matrix structure to help obtain large government contracts and now 3 years later ready to implement the 2nd phrase which it to improve the MCCS policy.

Livingston met with the project manager, cost accounting, MIS, data processing and planning with the benchmarking information and vendor lists they already had to work with he felt confident to place a project leader with less computer experience as the other to get the project planned out and going to get the new software and system updated for the company.

2. Crosby Manufacturing Corporation's president, Livingston, appointed Tim Emary to be project manager over the management cost and control system project. While Emary is a capable planner, he is not from either the formal project management group or the EDP department, functional departments from which project managers usually come. Discuss whether or not Livingston's selection of Emary as project manager was a mistake.

The President of the corporation made the right choice by bringing the right person on board to render the right services needed by the government agency to execute the job. First of all I know the President of the corporation; Wilfred Livingston gave the management staff the opportunity to come out with the right approach to handle the project but was not able to do so. They fell to come out with the right milestones, detailed schedules, reviews of the meeting among the management staff. I believe any leader of a corporation should adopt the need to choose someone at any given time that is ready and knowledgeable to get the job done for the interest of the corporation.

3. Discuss the possible reaction of the functional employees to the appointment of Emary as project manager.

I'm sure the reaction of the functional employees was shocking to the appointment of Emary as project manager. They probably have a lot of questions and concerns, but if the president is confident that Emary has the skills it takes to lay out a schedule and the job done the project should still be a success. The president would be laying his own career on the line if he reacted out of impulse.

4. Discuss the impact of cost and time constraints on networking techniques and project schedules.

Constraints are factors that will limit the project management team's options when performing schedule



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