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Intro to Lds

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Living at Utah home of the blue cougar (BYU), you can't help but realize the different environment of which Mormon religion is centralized. Utah is a State with a 90% Mormons and 10% with no active religion. The intro to LDS class helps you realize this environment, in several ways of which: how to interact and conjugate with people from the Mormon society, to appreciate people no matter what or who they are, or from what religious background of which they come from and the learning process that came from the interesting books that were included in the intro to LDS class (In Search of Happiness and Truth Restored).

One of the most influential factors that helped me understand the Mormon society is the Intro to LDS class. Coming to class every Monday and Wednesday, for a 50-minute lecture, Dr. Flake or Brother Flake as most Mormons call one another, introduced the life of Joseph Smith and his contribution to all Mormons. Explained in two books that every Non-Mormon is obligated to read, that I personally took for interest. Another factor, that a Non-Mormon can use to learn about such religion, is through the people or the citizens of Utah.

In order to fit in a Mormon society, you have to realize that you cannot survive without the help of Mormons. Going to BYU, helped me appreciate people especially Mormons, we came to an environment with Mormon religion as the key religion and never felt discriminated, I was personally shocked that not even one student tried to convert me, that shows the extinct of how friendly BYU students are. A very interesting Dr. explained all that in a class that I personally consider as a privilege, brother Flake.

In order to pass in this class, you have to read two interesting books; Truth Restored and In Search of Happiness. Author and one of the Apostles of the 12 M. Russell Ballard explained, and helped visualize the life and journey of Joseph Smith in a very literate and interesting style. However, another publication which is The Truth Restored, had a different view about the same story, of which one can speculate how important is the Mormon religion to every BYU student active or not.

To conclude, I personally have gained a lot of wisdom and information from the Intro to LDS class. Brother Flake helped contribute to that, with a very interesting 50-minute lecture. Every foreign student at BYU, whether converted or not was gone threw this interesting process that I personally call the beautiful experience.



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