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My Day My Routine - Personal Essay

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Essay Preview: My Day My Routine - Personal Essay

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I woke up at 5:00 AM, and I’m too tired to get up.But I forced myself to get up anyway. Once I got up, I got ready for the day. Afterwards. I made myself a cup of coffee.The coffee was so good because I used my favorite creamer. Anyways, after I drank my coffee, I hopped in the car and my mom drove me to school. I arrived at school around 6:00 AM and wanted to go back home already. But then I got excited because I found my friend Helena and we went to our lockers so we can put our phones away.

When we came back Mr.Celestino said “Alright everyone go put your lunch number in the cafeteria”. Helena and I did that quickly and after it was time to leave and Mr. Celestino yelled out “Okay everybody stand up and line up right here for bus 1!”

Helena and I lined up with the whole class and we all walked to the bus. Once we got into the bus Helena and I sat together. It was going to be a long drive there so I took a nap because I was still tired even after the coffee. But then all of the sudden as I’m taking my nap someone punches the back of my seat. I wake up kinda like what the heck was that? I just ignored it at first and closed my eyes again. Then it happens again, so I turn around and I see Brian and Alfredo.

“Bro stop punching my seat I’m tryna nap” I told them.

“It wasn’t me it was Brian” Alfredo said.

After he said that, I knew it was him. I tried going back to napping but then I felt another punch. And guess who it was this time, it was Brian. I knew it was him already because when I turned around he was laughing. So I turn around one last time because they were getting on my nerves while I was just trying to nap.

“Bro Brian frickin stop I’m just tryna nap” I said.

“Okay sorry Sam” Brian replied.

I tried napping again but couldn’t go back to sleep. I was just listening to the music the bus driver was playing on the radio the rest of the ride there. I kinda liked the bus ride because the bus driver was playing an oldies radio which I liked.

When we finally got there, I was looking around and I could already tell it was very professional. I felt like I didn’t belong considering my goofy personality. When we went inside I thought it looked cool. After we kinda settled in, our tour guide introduced himself to all of us and he took us down this ramp that lead to the first part of the museum. As we’re all walking by, looking around, we walk into a different section. The tour guide gives us a card with a child on it. We all had to put our card into this computer so we could find out where the kid came from.

Afterwards, we waited in chairs for these doors to open. There was a timer above the doors and we waited till it hit 0:00 because that's



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