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Mv Director Project Management

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As a director to produce a new music video and all I have are the singer and the lyrics (song). I will discuss with my producer and singer to process the video concept of what will be shot and to define a desired treatment first. Once the main direction of the video and treatment is final, I will map out a shooting schedule and coordinate every production elements as follows.

1. How long will it take to complete the project?

The whole music video project needs about 2 weeks to complete:

 5-7 days to prepare the equipment, arrange dancers, actors and extras, and also get shooting location permits. (Pre-Production)

 2-3 days shoot (Production)

 5-7 days of video editing or encoding process (Post-Production)

2. How much will be your budget?

The total music video production budget is $200,000-250,000:

 Director/Producer fee: $500-1000/day

 Equipment: $150-750/day

 Dancers/Actors/Extras/Key grip/assistant/lighting gear/Makeup/ hair stylists: $100-1000/day

 Editor: $500/day

 Location fee: $20-1000/day (depends on the location or film studio)

 Visual FX designer/Colorist/Sound mix fee: $75-150/hour

3. What resources will be using?

 A production project team to do casting, location scouting, equipment preparation, and stage crew hiring.

 Storyboards: Help everyone involved in the production get a visual understanding of the treatment and also help me control every detail in this project in a time-saving and organized way.

 Editing and coloring procedure: The most important step during the post-production workflow, these tasks take lots of time to process.

 Production Insurance: In case there's a risk for accidents, or equipment damage.

4. What are your main deliverable/activities?

The mainly project goal is to present the concept of this music video to the audience. So the whole project planning and Milestones must be accomplished.

 Analyzing the requirements like design and process documents that enable to form a plan.

 Organizing each division in order to achieve the project objection.

 Technical training and rehearsal

 Time and budget control

 Marketing and promotion



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